Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey Fans

Dave Ramsey Fans

The Nitty Gritty:  Because we love Dave Ramsey and his fans, we're giving you 20% off.  Just use code  Dave20  at checkout on all single belts, buckles or straps (excludes pre-discounted items) The code will likely change on occasion, so check back here to verify.

We believe the principles Dave Ramsey teaches are foundational to living a healthy financial life.  We do our best to incorporate those principles in how we run our business.  We've always been "in the black." We decided to grow slowly and steadily, not taking loans from investors or from the bank, and we've had consistent growth for five years.  We pay cash for nearly everything; in fact, we have only ever taken out one loan, and made sure we had cash to cover it.  Because we have lived by these principles, our business has flourished and we feel confident about the future.  

We believe these principles carry over to other areas of business.  We want to make sure we are putting our time and money into what actually matters.  Our mission statement, briefly, is to create and provide products made right here in Utah, that last decades, and that people love.  We bring as much of the production as we can in-house to have absolute control over quality and the ability to create new amazing products quickly. 

We know our belts are not the cheapest out there, but they are the best.  They are incredibly lightweight, minimalist, never slip, and are just plain cool-looking.  Dave Ramsey said, in his life-changing book, "The Total Money Makeover," that "The enemy of 'the best' is not 'the worst.' The enemy of 'the best' is 'just fine.'" 

We agree!  If our belts fit within your budget, please give them a try.  They make great gifts for almost anyone on your Christmas list (including you).  

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me an email - bj@grip6.com - or give us a call at 801-201-6115.


BJ Minson
Founder, GRIP6 LLC


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