New Year, New You, Same Belt

New Year, New You, Same Belt

What is it about New Year’s Day and the urge to make resolutions? You finish off the previous year in a slump of holiday withdrawals, vowing never to throw another party again and reflecting on what a horrible year it’s been. You laugh at people who make resolutions only to break them by February and congratulate yourself for being too clever to make that mistake. Then you wake up on New Year’s Day. The chaos of the holidays is behind you and you’re filled with a renewed sense of hope for the clean slate that is the year ahead. That’s when the urge suddenly strikes you: you’re going to better yourself this year! This is the time for Change and Improvement! All previously held cynicism flees.


Look, we’re not going to laugh at you if you’re one of these people. We get it. We might even *cough, cough* be speaking from experience. But hey, it’s okay. It’s in our nature as humans to want to improve ourselves. It might be a permanent change or it might only last a few months, but the point is to always be aiming higher and getting back onto that wagon when we fall.

No, we haven’t suddenly lost our minds and turned into a motivational inspiration blog, but health and fitness have definitely been on our minds. It is that time of year, after all. Whether you’re killing it with your New Year’s fitness goals or have decided to give it the hard pass this time ’round, the point is your weight and body shape are constantly fluctuating throughout the year, even within a single meal. Just as it’s the little things that keep us motivated - small rewards for achieving fitness goals or cheat days from that Keto/Paleo/vegan diet – it’s a little thing that can help you shift your focus away from the numbers that can discourage and back to what matters: YOU.



GRIP6 belts are designed without any notches, which means you’re always guaranteed the perfect fit, no matter what the state of your waist. No more tell-tale worn notch to act as a silent yardstick for your weight gains and losses. Slimmed down a bit? Great, but Old Notchy is still there to remind you where you came from. Gained some extra fluff? Old Notchy’s the first to let you know. No one needs that kind of negativity in their lives. GRIP6 belts allow you to simply put on a belt in the morning and go – no silent reminders to get back on that diet and no passive judgments. It’s only a belt, after all, and it turns out that’s a pretty great thing. 

If saving money is on your list of goals this year, GRIP6 belts can help you with that, too. The strap is long enough to grow or shrink with you – one less thing you have to buy when changing sizes. Our high-quality products were designed and guaranteed to last a lifetime, which means you’ll never have to buy another belt again. Of course, we can’t promise you won’t want to buy more. With over 134 interchangeable buckles and 30 strap choices, the style combinations are pretty much endless*.



Speaking of our lifetime guarantee, you know those adorable kids of yours? The ones who insist on growing even though you’ve specifically told them to stop, and have all their crazy growth spurts a month after you buy them a whole new wardrobe? The same ones who scuff holes in their brand new shoes within a few months of wear? We’ve got a belt for them, too. Our line of kids’ belts are built just as tough as their adult counterparts and carry the same destruction-proof A3 Guaran-(darn)-teeSo go ahead, Junior. Have your growth spurt and army crawl around on that asphalt – we’ve got you covered with a belt that will not only grow with you and your next-size-up pants, but can take whatever play you throw at it.

Basically, what we’re saying is GRIP6 is here for you as much as a belt can be. We can’t drive you to the gym, balance a spreadsheet, or pick out responsibly-sourced produce for you, but we can be there through your ups and downs, your failures, and especially your successes. Because any day your pants don’t fall down in public is a success in our books. Now go get ’em.

* Okay, so the style combinations aren’t literally endless, but we did the math out of curiosity: There are over 902 style combinations in total: 608 combinations for men’s belts, 156 for women’s belts, and 138 for kids’ belts. And that doesn’t even count the limited edition seasonal buckles and straps!

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