Web Belts Have Always Been Ugly, Until Now

Web Belts Have Always Been Ugly, Until Now

Web Belts Have Never Been Designed As A Fashion Accessory

Let's face it, web belts of the past haven't been the most stylish. I remember putting on web belts as a little kid, sliding the annoying barbell-type-thing up to the edge of cheap belt buckle until it pinched into the groove and webbing enough that the belt stayed in place (that would last a couple hours until I had to re-tighten it). I remember the tacky silver painted finish that wore down after a month and somehow made the belt look even more tacky. Worst of all, I remember when the barbell started to get loose and would clang against the belt buckle as I walked, causing the most annoying sound I've ever heard, radiating from my groin.

Just look at that thing ^. I can hear the clang of the barbell against the buckle through my computer. Not functional, not stylish, definitely not cool in any way.

Then, GRIP6 web belts hit the market. They've completely changed the game by engineering a sliding web belt from scratch that is infinitely adjustable, and made to last. The founder, BJ Minson, is an actual bona fide engineer. He got sick of belts that don't function well (or even look good) and decided to actually do something about it. Over countless product tests, and rigorous trial and error, he ended up with a final finished product that he could be proud to call his own. And just like that, GRIP6 belts were born.

He got rid of everything. And I mean, EVERYTHING. Say goodbye to barbells, ratchets, prongs, holes, and just about anything else you can think of. No more stretching out 1 out of 9 available holes on your belt. No more trying to decide between this size or that size when this size is too small, and that size is too large. It's your belt after all, shouldn't it be made to fit you?

Seriously, just look at this thing. Not only is it slick, but it slides for infinite adjustability, and stays in place thanks to their patented Badger-Lock technology. Nothing else on the market does this. This is truly a product that was designed and built from start-to-finish, by an engineer.

This Belt Is The Coolest (And Most Functional) Thing On The Market

By completely re-inventing the web belt, they've created a product that truly stands apart. You've got two independent pieces that are completely interchangeable without ruining one-another. A buckle, and a strap. And for something that was meticulously engineered from beginning to end, it couldn't be simpler to use. Just slide the buckle on the strap, put your belt on, and slide the strap through and behind the other side of the buckle.


I am more than confident that once you buy one of their web belts, you will never buy another belt again. These belts have been through some of the most rigorous testing you could imagine. Not only are they cool looking, but you'll barely even notice it's there. Most belts have 'bulk' in the buckle region that creates an unsightly lump underneath your shirt. GRIP6 belts have been specifically designed to be as low-profile as possible. Engineering the belt this way also ensures that you don't get a gut-pinch every time you bend or hunch over.

Not Only Are They Made Locally, They Have A Lifetime Guarantee

They are so confident that you'll like their belts that they have a full lifetime A3 guarantee on all of their belts. The A3 guarantee means they will refund or replace your belt at Any time, for Any reason, in Any condition. And they aren't joking. They are a 100% U.S. company based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. They even source their materials here, so you won't be getting any cheap foreign materials that will break after one fashion cycle. These belts are made to last a lifetime. They are dedicated to what they do, and it's obvious that they believe in their products. Check out their reviews on Amazon (or anywhere else) and see what their current customers are saying.

Their belt isn't just functional, low-profile, and stylish; it's also excessively durable. Like, super durable. The belt buckles are manufactured with certified 6061 T6 aluminum (except their carbon fiber belt buckles, those are 100% carbon fiber) and then either anodized or powder-coated for a durable hardened finish. The belt straps are made from Nylon 6,6 (it's better than traditional nylon, Google it) and have a breaking strength of over 2,500 pounds! Even a professional phone book ripper would not be able to break their military strength belt straps! Their Badger-Bite technology keeps the belt from slipping, period. This has been tested so extensively, they have videos online of the owners of GRIP6 swinging from a tree latched on with nothing but their belts! On top of all these awesome features (that have only been possible thanks to years of engineering and trial-and-error), their entire belt comes in weighing at 79 grams, or less than 3 ounces!

They mean it when they say this is the last web belt you will ever buy, and this sucker was beaten down through countless product tests in order to be guaranteed to last a lifetime. Check out their full collection of web belts here and discover why their belts have the best reviews on the market.

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William Ortega

William Ortega

I was interested in your product and was looking forward to purchase but your largest size is 50 which unfortunately won’t work for me, like the last gentleman that left a comment before me I agree you should really consider what he wrote to you and make your product accessible to larger guys. Just saying.

Terrance Crooker

Terrance Crooker

Just received my first Grip6 belt and I am loving it so far. I am a big guy and purchased the largest size you listed 50. It is working, but it could be a few inches longer. I am guessing that your webbing material comes to you in large rolls so I don’t see why you don’t offer larger sizes? Even at a little higher cost. Large guys probably have more reason to wear a good belt than smaller guys. Or do you just not want large guys to be wearing your product? Anyway, thanks for the great product and thanks for listening, er reading.

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