Iso-Grid Belt

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The GRIP6 Iso Grid Belt – inspired by rocket science for maximum power. Precision-engineered with the revolutionary Iso Grid pattern, this belt blends aerospace technology with everyday wear. The Iso Grid ensures unmatched strength and flexibility, offering superior support and comfort in a sleek, minimalist design. Built for durability and style, it's the perfect accessory for any adventure. Experience the fusion of fashion and innovation with the GRIP6 Iso Grid Belt.

Color: Raven
Size: SM(26-30)
GRIP6 Belt Sizing Information
GRIP6 belt sizing chart

Things you should know


  1. CNC laser cut
  2. Manufactured through a 12-step machining process
  3. Built with brushed T6061 aluminum 
  4. Satin-dip anodized
  5. 25 Grams
  6. 3.0" x 1.8” x .125"