Hi, I’m David Burton, I work at GRIP6 as general counsel and director of marketing. Don’t hold that against me. I love working here because we make things that people love, that are no hassle, and that last forever. Our belts, socks, and wallets are world class and lifetime guaranteed. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at david@grip6.com or text me at 816-813-0480!

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Modern Wool Socks are not cheap, but they're worth it. We sell our crew socks for $19, so for many people, that feels rather expensive. But socks are the key to comfort. They can make a bad pair of shoes feel fine and a good pair of shoes feel amazing. We want to prove that our socks really are worth every dime, and the best way we know to do that is for you to put a pair on and see for yourself.  

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Here's what I love about GRIP6 (including recommended products):

  1. Our Belts are infinitely adjustable, innovative, minimalist, stylish, comfortable, and lifetime guaranteed…

 My favorite thing we make is the belt. BJ invented it in 2013 and I remember seeing it for the first time then and realizing immediately it was the best belt ever. It’s a patented belt system, but super simple. Two pieces, just a strap and buckle. Slim, no bulk, no annoying strap hanging out. Most importantly, infinitely adjustable.   I’ve designed one of the buckles myself, the Craftsman “Prairie Oak” buckle, which is an homage to Frank Lloyd Wright and the stained glass windows in the United States in the early 20th century.

My favorite belt we sell is the Forged Carbon Fiber Belt from the Carbon Fiber Series.

  1. Our Wallets are the easiest to pull out of pocket and have card ready in the world.  

Normal leather wallets are bulky, and they tend to get full of things you don’t need. Then they bend in the pocket and end up kind of lousy feeling. Minimalist wallets fix the bend, usually, but they become onerous in trying to pull cards out easily. GRIP6 Wallets just require a push of the side button and cards slide up, arrayed to be able to be grabbed right there without further ado. And then they slide back and lock in when you’re done. They’re also RFID blocking, which is not I am personally concerned about, but others are, so it’s a nice addition for a lot of people. Of course they’re made with USA Aluminum and USA Leather, and we make them to last a really really really long time.   The loop is cool but also functional, for me, because I keep the wallet in my front pocket and have access to it with the loop without digging deep into the pocket. Plus, it allows a bit better control of the wallet while it’s out. And…. I also spin the wallet like a fidget toy, but that’s not why I have it!

My favorite Wallet variation we have is the Ninja wallet (looped, of course) with Black Leather Jacket.

  1. Our Wool Socks make all other socks feel like socks from The Dollar Store (no offense to The Dollar Store)….

I also really love our wool socks (perhaps a tie with belts). They’re a bit pricey, but they deserve to be. We make socks with modern wool. Our modern wool is light and we add in some elastic to make them have that perfect bounce back feeling when you put them on your feet. Our modern wool is superwashed, a process that takes out irritants from the wool and gives it a softer feel, and it’s knit on our state-of-the-art 168 needle knitting machines. Cheaper wool socks are knit on lower needle-count machines, and it means the knit can’t get as tight and the sock can’t get as thin without sacrificing quality.   Anyway, the overall effect is a sock that you can wear running, hiking… well, pretty much any outdoor activity, whether summer or winter. And I wear my socks with business clothes, to church, pretty much everywhere. When I say they beat other socks, it’s every sock.  

Super important - they’re made from USA Wool. We’re connected with several sheep ranches in the Rocky Mountains and the wool industry in general, and that helps connect us back to the earth a bit (I’m not a hippie, but I love the outdoors).

My favorite socks are the Everyday Black Crew. They’re the socks we sell that can be used in almost every application. I’m in the military, so I wear them with my OCPs, I run with them, I wear them with my church suit, etc. However.... we're coming out with some Micro-Crew socks that may overtake the Everday Black as my favorite.  

Anyway, don’t take my word for it. Get a free pair of socks right here! And, again, let me know what you think!

Dave Burton


Again, let me know if you have any questions!


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