Why We Use Military Webbing For Our Belt Straps

Why We Use Military Webbing For Our Belt Straps

Belt Strap Showcase: Military-Spec Webbing

All Grip6 belts are constructed using military-spec webbing made in the USA. Here is why we only use this high-quality material and how it benefits our belts!

First Off...Webbing?

A strong, woven fabric used in parachute harnesses and automotive seat belts, webbing has been employed across a broad range of applications and industries.

There are two types of webbing, flat (or solid) webbing, and tubular webbing. Grip6 belts are made with tubular webbing due to its softer and more pliable nature. It is also less susceptible to wear and tear as it boasts more dynamic capabilities.

What, Exactly, Does Military-Spec Mean?

Specialized Mil-Spec webbing is manufactured for critical use scenarios and for delivering payloads safely and reliably. The Grip6 webbing has a breaking strength of 2700 lbs. That’s about as much weight as a Toyota Corolla or a wild Asian water buffalo!

Yeah...this belt ain’t breakin’.

That’s why we guarantee our belts will last forever under normal use. Although we may not guarantee it for towing your car, if at any time your belt can’t hold up your pants, count on it being replaced.

The Rest of the Best Design

At 1.5 inches wide and a length that coincides with your pant size (no more guessing random belt-size numbers!), adjustability is built right in. Each belt is made to fit perfectly without the distraction of unsightly holes or a cumbersome hanging flap.

The patent-pending “T” melted into the end of the strap creates a unique and functional design that locks it onto the buckle while giving complete adjustability. After threading through the buckle, the strap can be tightened to your comfort level and will stay that way until you decide it’s time to take it off. It never loosens and never slips.

Our USA-made, military-grade webbing straps are available in six colors and look great with every style of pant:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Khaki
  • Mocha
  • Navy

Each strap is designed to be interchangeable, easily mixed and matched with our aerospace-grade aluminum buckle in nine different colors or with our craftsman collection buckles made of walnut, olive, or bamboo.

With a tight, supple weave, the high-performance belt strap has a sleek, stunning, symmetrical look and feel that works just as well for business casual as it does for outdoor adventure.

The Rave Reviews Don’t Lie

Based on 2,978 reviews, our belts have been rated as 5-star excellence. Here are just some of our customer comments:

“I love Grip6 belts! They are super light and comfortable. Sometimes I can’t even tell I’m wearing it…”

-Ian Monroe

“The belt fits great and looks even better! The band is sturdy and the buckle looks professional!”

-Jason Templet

“I have over 75 belts. These have become my favorites.”

-Lawrence Kern

Visit Grip6 to build your own break-proof belt!

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