8 Items No Beach-Goer Should Go Without

8 Items No Beach-Goer Should Go Without

Are you planning an upcoming ocean-side vacation but aren’t sure what essentials you should include on your beach packing list? Here, you’ll find a list of eight every-day essentials that your beach vacation would be dire without.

1. Compact Pocket Organizer

As unconventional as it may seem, a compact pocket organizer is a critical tool for keeping your beach essentials safe and organized. Furthermore, having a compact pocket organizer makes it easy to get out the door when the sun, sand, and surf start to call. When shopping for your pocket organizer, keep an eye out for the following specs:

  • Full clamshell opening with dual zippers
  • Inside slip pockets, a key leash with clip, and at least two elastic organizer options with various divisions
  • A carry handle

Compact size of around 4” x 6” x .75”

2. Quality Sunglasses

Sunlight alone can put a strain on the eyes, but add in the glare and reflection from ocean water and sandy beaches, and you’re subjecting your eyes to some serious risks. Provide your eyes with the best protection by investing in a quality pair of sunglasses. Generally speaking, a reliable pair of beach-friendly sunglasses should include UV protection, a comfortable fit, dark, polarized lenses, and a design you feel comfortable in.

3. A Light Zip-Up Hoodie

A light zip-up hoodie is an essential clothing item when you’re en-route to the beach. And when the sea breezes pick up in the evening and your skin is recovering from days spent under the sun, you’ll be happy you packed something that carries a bit more weight.

4. A Versatile Belt

The last thing you’ll want while relaxing on the beach or cruising around town is having to constantly pull up loose shorts. That’s why a versatile belt should be at the top of your beach vacation packing list.  

5. A Quality Multi-tool

You’d be amazed at how frequently a multi-tool comes in handy at the beach. With an all-in-one tool that includes pliers, cutters, strippers, knives, scissors, openers, rulers, files, and screwdrivers, you’re sure to be a savior of Baywatch proportions when you can come to the rescue with one of these bad boys. Furthermore, this handy-dandy tool will feel right at home in your compact pocket organizer.

6. Comfortable, Stylish Shorts

As you probably know, the sand, surf, and swim trunks on beach vacations can leave you feeling chafed and uncomfortable. That’s why it’s important to include a comfortable pair of “after-the-beach” shorts when planning your beach vacation outfits. Because most beach vacations call for something classier than swim trunks and more casual than slacks, you should pack at least one pair of shorts that has a classic, breathable cut, falls just to your knees, and comes in neutral colors. Furthermore, avoid cargo pockets or other bulky details that could lead to even more chafing.

7. Mini LED Flashlight

Night-time walks on the beach, lost hotel keys under the bed, and random occasions when you’re without light or power and you’ll be thankful you have this compact mini LED flashlight. Furthermore, by packing one that’s around 3” x 1” x 1”, your flashlight will fit perfectly in your pocket organizer.

8. Suitable Swim Trunks

Like we mentioned before, swimsuit chafe-age can be a real beach vacation game-changer if you’re not properly prepared. As the last essential item on your beach packing list, a suitable pair of chafe-free swim trunks is a must. Whether you’re an avid surfer, a beach walker, or a sand-sitter, look for swim trunks that have a decent amount of stretch, a reliable Velcro or lace-up fly, quick-drying materials, and secure-close pockets.

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