Minimalist Formal Wear Style Guide

Minimalist Formal Wear Style Guide

For some of us, getting dressed up is a chore, especially for those fancy events where a polo shirt and slacks just won’t cut it. Even if accessories aren’t really your thing, you no longer have to dread elegant events. Aside from at least one really nice suit and a killer shirt, here are a few accessories your minimalist wardrobe is in desperate need of for wedding season this year.

1. The Perfect Pair of Shoes

Whether you like it or not, your shoes make a huge statement about you and are often one of the first things people notice about your outfit, so choose wisely. When looking for a pair to best fit your minimalist style, make sure you choose shoes that are both classic and timeless—shiny leather dress shoes are a must.

Depending on the color of your suit, choose either black or brown shoes that best compliment the color palate—avoid pairing brown shoes with a black suit, and visa versa, to prevent a serious fashion faux pas.

2. A Stylish Wrist Watch

You can find a minimalist style wrist watch like those found at The Trend Spotter to match just about any occasion and style preference, but when you want one that is simple and versatile, avoid the bling and stick with a classic design. While a white clock face is timeless, a black one paired with a black band offers an easy way to keep things minimal while making a statement. The most important thing to remember is to keep your watch in the same color family as your shoes, thus ensuring it’ll match your suit, preventing you from falling prey to the fashion police.

3. A Carbon Fiber Belt

Your belt is another men’s wardrobe essential that says a lot about you, so once again, it’s important to be smart when choosing this accessory. Offering the best of both worlds, a simple belt such as the carbon fiber belt is basic enough it can be dressed up or dressed down, and is the perfect accessory to compliment any suit for a black tie affair.

And these belts are not only stylish, but very practical, and nearly indestructible. The military spec webbing is built to prevent your belt from slipping and becoming loose over the course of the day (or evening), complete with a belt buckle made from aerospace grade aluminum. With a handful of colors to choose from, you can personalize your belt to fit any special occasion or color scheme necessary.

Get Styling!

Are you looking for the perfect accessories to compliment your formal wear this wedding season, but hoping to maintain your own personal style? With the help of a stellar pair of shoes, statement-making wrist watch, and carbon fiber belt, you can feel comfortable while all eyes are on you.

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