Calling All Outdoor Enthusiasts: Check Out These 5 EDC Essentials

Calling All Outdoor Enthusiasts: Check Out These 5 EDC Essentials

Everyday Carry offers a variety of outdoor and backpacking essentials that are easy enough to use for new campers and hikers and strong enough to impress more seasoned outdoor enthusiasts. Check out a selection of some of our favorite gear.

Grip6 Webbing Belt

Function and fashion come together with the Grip6 webbing belt. Forget belt flaps and worn-out holes; the Grip6 belt will satisfy any outdoorsman with its minimalist design and brute breaking strength of 3600 pounds.


Both the aerospace-grade aluminum buckle and the double-layered military webbing strap come in a wide variety of colors. The buckle’s no-slip locking mechanism ensures your belt will stay tight all day long. All buckles and straps are interchangeable, comfortable, and American-made.

Outdoor Nordic Pocket Saw

Tired of packing around a heavy axe for firewood? No problem. The Nordic Pocket Saw can get the job done.


This 65-centimeter chain features heavy-duty nylon handles that offer slip-resistant grip come rain or shine. The double cutter teeth on every major link make cutting in both directions easy and convenient.


No matter whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or a casual camper, you’ll enjoy the convenience of the Nordic Pocket Saw.

Klecker Stowaway Tools

Be prepared for adventure everywhere you go with this multi-functional phone case. This case takes advantage of your limited pocket space with four slots to hold Stowaway’s smaller versions of tools like knives, locking pliers, bit drivers, and more. Stowaway offers 13 different tools that all fit in the slots, which allows you to select the gear you need for each day.


Whether you have an adventure planned after work or you go on a spontaneous hike, Klecker Stowaway Tools have got you covered.

MIS Roll Up Backpack

Every outdoor enthusiast needs a top-quality backpack to carry his or her gear, and this straight-forward bag doesn’t mess around. It’s constructed with 1000 denier Dupont Condura Nylon, so you know it’s made to last.


The MIS Roll Up protects your gear with a water-resistant coating and PALS webbing on the bottom and front of the bag. This American-made backpack also features a YKK self-repairing zipper as well as a zippered padded back panel and mesh inside.

Credit Card-Sized Survival Tool

You can hold the key to outdoor survival in the comfort of your wallet with this stainless steel survival tool.

This tool may be just the size of a credit card, but every inch packs a powerful punch. It offers 11 different tools in one compact package. The following tools are included:

  • Knife
  • Screwdriver
  • Bottle opener
  • Butterfly screw wrench
  • Direction auxiliary indication (sun compass)
  • Ruler
  • 4 Position wrench
  • 2 Position wrench
  • Saw
  • Can opener
  • Keychain hole

It’s time to forget fumbling around to find the right tool; simply carry them all in your wallet.

Experienced outdoorsmen (and women) and novice hikers alike will enjoy the convenience and power of these EDC essentials. But don’t let us have all the fun. Share your EDC photos and tag us!

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