The 3 Keys to Dress Up or Down for Any Occasion

Do you find yourself pretty much wearing the same outfit every week? Instead of trying to keep up with the current fashion trend, take a closer look at your wardrobe. You can definitely dress up your clothes with what you already have in your wardrobe, here are 3 basic tricks to get you started.
  1. Color Theme

The easiest way to plan your outfit is by determining the color theme. Keep it simple by only using two or three colors. You can choose a color as the main focus of your outfit and pick another two complementary or contrasting colors to complete your look. men style  
  1. Your Shoes Determine your Style

Another way to dress up is by letting your shoes take center stage. Wearing the right shoes can definitely make your outfit pop. causal outfit dress up style See the difference? Switching from sandals to high heels can give your outfit an instant upgrade. Men can also dress up without changing all your clothing. You can wear sneakers in the morning and switch to a pair of classy leather footwear for a nice dinner.  


Accessories can add sparkle to your boring white tee and black pants. You can choose a piece of clothing as the main focus of your outfit or pick a statement accessory to amp up your style. grip6 men causal outfit grip6 style T-shirt dress is another summer essential that can be worn in many different ways. Use a belt to define your shape and add some color to your outfit. dress up style Every outfit needs a final touch, a light jacket or blazer can exactly do that. How do you dress up any look?

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