6 Reasons to Trade in Your Ratchet Belt for a GRIP6 Belt

ratchet GRIP6 golf belt

What do you get when you combine military-grade webbing straps with aerospace-grade aluminum buckles? You get GRIP6 belts.

Like ratchet belts, GRIP6 belts have done away with the traditional hole system. In fact, they’ve even done away with the ratchet system. Instead, they use a non-slip friction lock to keep the belts in place all day long.

GRIP6 offer a more stylish, adjustable, and effective alternative to ratchet belts. Read on to learn six reasons why you should make the switch.

1. Perfect Fit Adjustability

When it comes to belt comfort, “almost” has been an acceptable fit for long enough. You’re not looking for a little too tight, but doable. You need something better than slightly too loose, but better than most. You deserve a perfect fit every time.

Ratchet belts improved on the old hole system, but we took it a step further. GRIP6 belts allow you to adjust your fit according to your exact needs. Because the non-slip friction lock can work on any part of your belt, you can get a perfect fit every day. Once you set your belt to the fit you prefer, you can be confident that the straps will stay in place no matter what your day holds in store for you.

Need to adjust after a heavy meal? Not a problem, it happens to everyone! It’s easy to quickly adjust the fit and comfortably move on with your day.

2. No Belt Bulge

Face it- most belts, including ratchet belts, create a bulge underneath shirts. While that might not be as big of a deal when your shirt is tucked in, it’s certainly noticeable when your shirt hangs over the belt. With bulky buckles and thick straps, it’s inevitable. Not with our belts.

GRIP6 belts lay comparatively flat due to the minimalist design. The buckle is 1/8th of an inch thick and designed with a slight curve to match the curve of your body. This design effectively eliminates the belt bulge.

3. Interchangeable Buckles and Straps

What really sets GRIP6 above ratchet belts when it comes to fashion is the easy interchangeability of the buckles and straps. Any buckle, regardless of material or color, can be attached to any strap. You can mix and match at any time, and it will only take you seconds to do it.

It’s easy to make your belt match both your outfit and the situation with an easy switch of the buckle. You can make the change between work and a night out on the town in seconds without carrying around different belts.

GRIP6 offers several different colors of straps and buckles to meet the wide variety of customer style preferences. Whether your style leans toward the conservative or more ostentatious, you can find a color combo that represents your personal sense of fashion.

Enjoy the unique and fashionable versatility of a GRIP6 belt. The color combinations allow your belt to be a conversation starter or seamlessly blend into your outfit. The choice is yours.

GRIP6 offers several different series of belt buckles made from different materials to meet your preferences as well.

  • The carbon fiber series is made from a space-grade carbon fiber structure. If you’re a frequent flyer, this is the belt for you. Because it contains no metal, you can keep the belt on as you walk through airport security. Enjoy the looks of envy as you pass through the metal detector with your pants securely fastened around your waist.
  • Prefer the look of wood? The craftsman series allows you the aesthetic of wood paired with the longevity of T6 aluminum. These buckles are designed to resemble different styles of wood, so you can enjoy the style without sacrificing trees.
  • The conservation series offers a combination of style and environmental responsibility. 10% of every belt sold goes to non-profit partners dedicated to the conservation of three vital species- bees, bison, and salmon.These stylish buckles with a cause can make a statement and help save the environment.

Remember, every buckle style fits with every strap. Enjoy the endless combinations.

4. No Moving Parts

Nothing quite ruins a morning (or lunch break, meeting, first date, hike, etc.) like a broken belt. Nobody wants to spend the rest of their day unexpectedly (or expectedly, for that matter) pulling up their pants.

More moving parts provide more opportunities for an object to break. Ratchet belts require several moving parts in order to click into place at the predetermined intervals or ratchets. If the ratchets get worn down or any moving part breaks, the belt is broken.

GRIP6 eliminates this dilemma with a simple solution- no moving parts. The buckle simply slides onto one end the belt and then slides into the other to secure it with the no-slip lock.There are no notches or ratchets to wear out. There are no moving parts to break. This is how GRIP6 offers long-lasting quality with every belt.

5. Lightweight Strength

If you’re wearing the perfect belt, you shouldn’t notice it too much when you wear it. Ideally, a belt will make your pants feel like they fit correctly without adding a lot of extra bulk or weight. However, you don’t want to sacrifice strength for a lightweight material. While you probably don’t plan to use your belt to tow things behind your car, it’s comforting to know it can stand up to the rigors of your day and more.

GRIP6 belts are made from military grade webbing straps and aerospace-grade aluminum (except for carbon fiber buckles). This gives the belts a breaking strength of 2500 pounds while still weighing less than most other belt options at approximately 80 grams.

6. No Outside Strap Flap

Belt strap flaps pose a daily annoyance that ratchet belts don’t fix. There’s always an awkward length poking out in front of the rest of the belt. It always seems to be either too long or too short for your belt loops. Even if your belt fits well, you can find yourself adjusting your belt all day long to make sure the extra flap stays in place.

GRIP6 fixes the problem by putting the flap behind the rest of the belt. This results in a clean, stylish look that complements the rest of the belt.

Ditch the ratchet belt and go with a GRIP6 belt now! You have our 100% Guaran-DAMN-tee.

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Saw it by accident on the web. Took a chance considerering the price and the fact I live in the UK. No negative comment at all. I have since ordered a further 2 products. They are all great. USA stuff is more expensive but it’s always top quality and does what it says. Don’t doubt it, just buy it.

Blake Burton

Blake Burton

go dad



What the fr—kin h-ll is the strap made of ??

Mark A Schalte

Mark A Schalte

Can you, practically, hang a holster and a compact 9mm on it?

Kay-Min Chan

Kay-Min Chan

Can the carbon fiber buckle stand up to military use like lying in the prone position with some body weight pressing the buckle against the ground, albeit with the shirt protecting the buckle from the ground?

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