10 Gifts NOT To Get Your Wife (or significant other)

10 Gifts NOT To Get Your Wife (or significant other)

We recently wrote a blog about 10 gift ideas for men that might actually get used. While we were in the process of gathering that list, we couldn't help but laugh at all the stories we've heard regarding those "special someone" presents that fell well short of the mark. We thought it would be fun to share with you some of those nuggets of wisdom in hopes that you can avoid making the same mistakes!


1. Cheap Perfume 

Nothing says "classy" like cheap perfume (insert sarcasm here). Whether it's from a department store or worse, a cheap knockoff from the gas station, cheap perfume will make her end up smelling like a bottle of nail polish remover. It's best to leave this one on the shelf for the Junior High kids. 

2. Cleaning Products

Everyone enjoys a clean house. However, If we were gamblin' men we'd bet the family farm that this idea turns out poorly. When you think of Christmas gifts, you should be thinking of a gift that says "I love you." Lets face it, the only thing cleaning supplies will say is, "The house is a mess and I'd like you to use my gift to do something about it."  Good luck Hombre, you pull this one and chances are you'll be sleeping under the tree 'til New Years. 



3. Walmart Lingerie 

Walmart lingerie is akin to gas station sushi. Buying lingerie is a delicate matter under any circumstances. First, she knows what you're thinking, (which we'll cover next). Second, if you do choose to go down this path, it's probably in your best interests to up your game. (Think Target or better)

4. Love Coupons

Get serious, women know they don't know need a coupon for this. If they want it, they know how and where to get it (and it's probably on sale). These coupons are a thinly veiled attempt to add another gift to your pile at her expense. What you should do is give her a few coupons to get out of it, (a "get out of jail card" if you will) no excuses needed.

5. Exercise Equipment

If you don't want your wife feeling extra self-conscious steer clear of exercise equipment. No matter what your intentions, chances are they'll be interpreted as "I want you to lose weight". The only time you should be getting her exercise equipment is if she has explicitly asked for it, and even then, tread lightly.


6. Low Quality Jewelry

Jewelry is always a great gift idea, right? Well, kind of.  Your wife doesn't want to look like she just rummaged through your kids dress-up bin. Rather than buying several low-quality items, spend the same money on a single quality piece. Take the time to look at what she has in her jewelry box and buy something similar to what she already wears. If that doesn't work, ask her friends or sisters for advice. 


7. Clothes 

Buying clothes for your wife is a dangerous minefield to wander into. If not executed to perfection, it can end badly for all who dare enter. One of the killers is buying the wrong size; If you buy too small you are going to make your wife self-conscious, if you buy too large, you risk making her think that you think she is too big. If you do happen to get the right size, who is to say she likes it anyway? Our advice? Pay close attention in the months leading up to Christmas. Most women will hint at things, very specific things, they may want. If one of those happens to be clothing, go for it. If not, it might be best to stick with a gift card to her favorite clothing store and let her do the picking.

8. Kitchen Appliance She Didn't Ask For.

If you haven't been able to tell, a lot of gifts on this list are here because of the unintended messages they send. This can be one of those presents. The only time it's acceptable to purchase a kitchen appliance for your spouse is when she has specifically asked for one. 


9. Something For Her (That's Really For You)

You know that nice new flat screen you want? You aren't fooling anyone. She knows exactly why you bought it and for whom. Try this move and you can enjoy it all night while you sleep on the couch.

10. Anything From Anywhere on Christmas Eve

This one is less about what you got her, and more about when you are getting it. Waiting until the last minute to do your holiday shopping sends your wife the message that you didn't have time for her. We know the holiday season can be crazy and hectic, but take a day to really think about what your wife would like and go get it.


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