GRIP6 manufactures and sells innovative Belts, Socks, and Wallets. Everything we sell has a lifetime guarantee and comes with easy returns and amazing customer service. Read below to learn more about each product!

Normal belts are just plain bad; they're bulky, heavy, have holes (which means they never fit right and wear out quickly) and an unsightly flap hanging out. BJ Minson, founder of GRIP6, searched for a belt that didn't have these problems but couldn't find one, so in 2013 he built his own better belt, the patented GRIP6 Belt!

No Holes, No Bulk, No Hanging Flap!  The GRIP6 Belt is the ultimate belt for comfort and durability for every occasion, whether you're at home, at work, or at play, in jeans, khakis, shorts, or wearing a suit, carrying a holster or other everyday carry items, you'll look and feel great in your GRIP6 Belt. Here's why:

* Infinitely Adjustable- the patented friction lock system, which requires no holes and places the flap neatly underneath, keeps your pants in place all day, everyday, never loosens, and adjusts to the exact fit you need with no hassle. That means it's a perfect belt for carrying or light utility, because it can be easily adjusted to any gear, knife, handgun, that is added. And it means you can adjust automatically after a great meal or as you meet your health goals.

* Interchangeable - Our straps and buckles can be easily switched out, and that means our belts match with any possible outfit you have, whether you're wearing jeans, khakis, business casual, or a suit, your GRIP6 Belt will make you look great!

* Durable, Guaranteed for Life - The GRIP6 Belt is made from American-sourced, Aerospace-grade Aluminum 6061 and Nylon 6, and contains two pieces connected by the badger-bite friction-lock system. This combination of quality and simplicity ensures that your GRIP6 Belt will last for decades. And if it ever does wear out, you can exchange it for free forever at

* American Made- We make these belts (and our socks and wallets) right here in the United States. And we don't just make them here, we source our Aluminum from American mines, we get our leather from American Cattle Ranchers, and we gather our wool from American Sheep Ranchers. So when you buy GRIP6, you're not just supporting an innovative American Made product, you're supporting all levels of industry and manufacturing, critical to our economy and future of the United States!

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Thank you for choosing GRIP6 and for your support of American Manufacturing

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Boring leather wallets wear out quickly, bend and damage your cards, and are uncomfortable for your back. They also make it a pain to get your cards out in a pinch. However, GRIP6 Wallets are...

Easy to Use, Fun, Functional, and Everlasting

Put simply, the GRIP6 Wallet is the easiest and most enjoyable wallet ever. It seamlessly functions, arrays your cards for immediate access, is RFID blocking, incredibly durable, and is fun! Simply squeeze the palm lever and cards rise, arrayed neatly for instant access. Once you press the cards back, they lock securely behind two RFID blocking walls of aluminum.

The Wallet holds 6 cards within the aluminum frame, and another 8 cards (or some cash) in the optional "Leather Jacket".

And this is truly the last wallet you’ll ever need. The frame is made from 5052 T6 Aluminum, and the internal lift system is tested to well over 500,000 cycles (and counting). Not to mention the wallet is corrosion-resistant and thoroughly impact-tested. We construct it right here in Utah, out of American aluminum, stainless steel, and high-strength polymer. Someday you’ll sit on your porch and watch your grandchildren bask in the awe that is your time-tested GRIP6 Wallet. Like all of our products, it’s backed by our industry leading Lifetime Guarantee!

Give it a try, you won’t miss the bulky, bulging, folding, leather wallet one bit!

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Thank you for choosing GRIP6 and for your support of American Manufacturing

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Wool Socks are the Key to Comfort! Normal Cotton and Polyester socks stink (both literally and figuratively). They don't breathe, they stay damp, they wear out quickly, and they feel worse and worse with every wash. On the other hand....

Modern Woolmakes the most comfortableand "year round"sock ever. With modern wool, you get wool aided with modern technology and ranching. Four distinct changes make GRIP6 modern wool socks worlds above traditional wool socks. First, we use a 168-needle cylindrical knitting machine with a "seamless toe". A tradional wool sock is made with a 80-120 needle sock knitting machine, which causes the knit to be looser and thicker. Our168-needle machines give a tight weave that makes it so our socks can be thinner, tighter, and fit better. Plus, the seamless toe means there's no sew line causing irritation to your toes. Second, we add elastic yarn to a few key areas, specifically the plating yarn (overall stretch benefit), the calf (better feel on the leg), and arch support (which makes the sock "snap" into postion and feel great).  Third, our wool is "superwashed", which is a process that makes the wool both feel softer and enables the ability to machine wash the sock. Fourth, and perhaps most important, American Ranchers have bred sheep for finer wool strands (called 'fine micron') and more innate wool elasticity over the last several decades. The yarn in that old wool sock you remember is about twice as thick and rough as the fine micron wool in your GRIP6 Wool Socks. Overall what this means is that you can wear your GRIP6 Wool Socks comfortably every day of the year in any climate.

Plus, wool is the "Superfood" of sock material. It wicks moisture like a king and it contains anti-bacterial and microbial properties, so it doesn't stink! That means at the end of a day of hard work, when you take off your shoes, you don't have to be inundated with sweat and smell, you can have dry feet and comfortable, clean-smelling wool socks that you'll want to keep wearing. It's also an incredible insulator, even when wet! This natural moisture management regulates temperature and improves airflow, keeping your feet dry and comfortable all day long. Our wool yarn is "superwashed" in South Carolina, which means it doesn't itch and can be machine-washed at home.

The GRIP6 Way. We start with locally sourced fine-micron Rambouillet Merino Wool, allowing us to develop the best blend to maximize the comfort and functionality of our socks. Our antimicrobial wool is entirely processed in the USA, then delivered to our mill in Utah, where we knit our socks from the ground up.   And, as with our belts and wallets, our socks are lifetime guaranteed.

All of this means you can wear your GRIP6 socks all day, everyday - whether you're at work, home, on the job site, or in the office, in sneakers, boots, or dress shoes, in summer or winter, you will never have to feel uncomfortable in socks again!


Thank you for choosing GRIP6 and for your support of American Manufacturing

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A few words from our CEO BJ Minson

GRIP6 Origins

Hi, my name is BJ Minson. I started GRIP6 five years ago with a vision of a company that created things that were simple, functional, long-lasting, made in the USA, and that people loved. We started with a belt.

As we moved forward with our in-house manufacturing plans, more seasoned “business people” continued telling us it was a losing strategy. We heard over and over, “You’ll never make it” and “it won’t scale”. This of course only made us double down to prove them wrong. It took us a while and we made mistakes along the way, but we figured out a way to manufacture our belts in the USA.

At GRIP6 our mission is to create high quality products that last decades and to strengthen domestic manufacturing. What you buy from us with your hard-earned money should be something you love and want to use daily for the rest of your life. We know it’s a lofty goal, but it is something we strive for. This approach has worked for belts and we believe it can be applied to other products. Our intent is to be more than a belt company.

I hope you will get to know us better and allow us to earn your trust. I’m excited about this year as we continue stepping outside our comfort zones and introduce new products. Please join us on the journey as we make new products and bring new processes in house. Follow us as we struggle, misstep and learn. We usually get much better as we go along :).

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