GPT Wool Socks Survey (Discount at end!)

Wool Socks for Summer Survey

Wool Socks for Summer Survey

1. Have you ever considered wearing Wool Socks in the summer?

No, I've only known wool socks as winter socks
Yeah, I've heard they might be good for summer, but not tested them
Yeah, absolutely, I wear them in the summer
Yeah, tried them in the heat, didn't like it

2. When you think of wool, have you always thought of thick, warm, winter?

Yeah, that's definitely what comes to mind
Mostly, yeah, though I've heard it can be thinner, for summer.
No, I know wool can be knit thin for undergarments and thin summer socks.

3. (As you go through these questions, it's okay to not know them, most people don't!) Have you ever heard of "Fine-Micron" Wool?

Fine-micron wool is wool that's been bred to be super fine, thin, and amazing for socks. It means we can produce socks that are thin and good for the heat. (try our Ankle, Micro-crew, and No-Show to see)

Yeah, I've heard of Fine Micron wool
No, never heard of it, that's interesting.
No way, sounds like you made that up! Wool's always been thick, will always be thick!

4. Did you know wool naturally insulates? That means when it's warm, it tends to keep your feet warm and when it's cool, it tends to keep your feet cool.

No, I never knew that.
Yeah, and I love that about wool.
I don't believe you!

5. Did you know that Wool is naturally moisture-wicking?

This naturally keeps your feet dry (the same way it keeps sheep dry and comfortable). Wool does it by pulling moisture away from your skin and into itself, and then releasing it at a constant rate.

If you're someone that's on your feet all day or in a warm area, it keeps sweaty feet from causing bigger problems, and it feels awesome.

Nope, I didn't know that, but that's good to hear!
Yes, I knew that and I love it!
I still don't believe you.

6. Did you know that modern GRIP6 wool is made on 168-needle knitting machines?

This enables fine-micron wool to be knit even finer. 168 needles knitting your socks means your socks can be knit in a tighter pattern, allowing for better sock architecture (fancy) and comfort. And GRIP6 knitting machines use a "seamless toe" method, which means the knit doesn't bother your precious toes.

No, how could I have known that? ....but I like it.
Yes, strangely, I knew that.
That sounds iffy, I hesitate to believe you (I'm hard to convince)

7. Did you know you can machine wash GRIP6 Wool socks at home?

That's because the wool has been "Superwashed", which takes the burs out of the wool fiber, making the wool softer, smoother, and not shrink in the wash!

Yep, I knew that.
Nope, I had no idea, but it sounds nice.
Hmmm, wool that doesn't itch and be washed at home? Sounds like science fiction.

8. If you knew GRIP6 socks would be a significant upgrade from your current sock, would you be willing to try them?

Here's where we're at: GRIP6 Modern Wool insulates, wicks moisture, is knitted on state-of-the-art 168-need knitting machines, and is smoother and softer because of superwashing. In addition, we use a blend of wool, nylon, and elastane that makes GRIP6 Socks the stretchiest, most comfortable socks on the planet.

Sure, why not? Let's try them!
No, I don't believe in wool in the summer.
Maybe, depends on the price.

9. What can we do to get you to try them today?

Choose a discount below and get to the upgrade you didn't know was so critical.

For those still on the fence: GRIP6 Socks are Made and Sourced in the USA and have a LIFETIME GUARANTEE! Yep, on socks. That means you can just send em back in 5 years when they finally have a hole. And we'll send you nice, clean-smelling, wonderful, fresh from the oven wool socks.

And... if you try these and don't absolutely LOVE THEM, you can send them back within 60 days and we'll even pay return shipping (US orders only).

So... choose a discount and experience the best socks for summer ever!

20% off my order (good if you're mixing in belts and wallets as well)
Buy 2, get 1 pair free (trying three to start is a good way to go)
Buy an 8 pack, get a second 8-pack half off (this is great if you know what you and your spouse want)
Get a free pair of socks with a Belt or Wallet purchase.

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