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Just a little bit about me: I grew up on the West Side of Salt Lake in a neighborhood called Glendale. I grew with many cultures and tend to favor the Latin and Polynesian cultures which taught me to love different types of food and to be giving and it also taught me a new level of humor. I am the 2nd of 7 kids in my family. We are still very close to this day. They have taught me good humor and how to fight.

I love working at Grip6. BJ, David and I started the company in 2014. We all had full time jobs while we started working in BJ’s basement/garage. We work hard to create amazing products but we also have a ton of fun. I have always been very proud to be a part of a company that takes super good care of their employees and customers.

Reasons I love Grip6:

  1. High quality, durable, comfortable products that last a lifetime.
  2. We manufacture everything in house, which allows us to make sure the product constantly improves.
  3. Our customer service is second to none.
  4. We offer an unlimited lifetime warranty on all our products.
  5. We continue to develop new products that I’m excited about.
  6. I get to work with awesome, smart people that push me every day.

My favorite products:

-I love the Grip6 wallet with the loop. I love being able to easily access my cards at check out without having that weird anxiety about not being to get your card fast enough.

-I have always the loved the Carbon Fiber belt as well. It’s super easy to put on and take off and never have to worry about taking it off at the airport.

-The Black Everyday Ankle Wool sock is my favorite sock. Keeping my feet cool in the summer, warm in the winter is amazing and I love how dry my feet stay through out the day.

My Favorite things

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