Hi! My name is Bela, I am a part of the customer service team and welcome to GRIP6!

I started working here during the Black Friday season of 2020 and back then I had more interaction with customers face to face. As my family changed, GRIP6 allowed me to change the dynamic of my role to primarily assisting customers online. I get the opportunity to work with great customers like you.

When you are online shopping you don’t really know what you are getting and that can be unnerving at times. At GRIP6, we are changing that narrative by manufacturing all of our products in house.

Here are some of my favorite products:

The Ember wallet ( specifically no loop with brown leather ) because I love the color contrast between the wallet itself and the leather sleeve.

--> Click Here for the Ember Wallet <--

The No Show socks because it’s breathable and thin enough I could wear with any of my slip on shoes.

--> Click here for the No-Show Sock <--

The Wasatch Gunmetal buckle with the lightweight black strap. This is just a good looking belt all together, and I have made so many core memories in the Wasatch mountains.

--> Click Here to the Wasatch Gunmetal Belt <--

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at belal.grip6@gmail.com.

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My Favorite things


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