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The Grip6 Story

2013: The Idea

BJ was an avid belt user and became obsessed with trying to find the perfect belt. After wearing dozens of various belts, he came to the conclusion that most belts have some major drawbacks. They are bulky, ugly and uncomfortable. He decided to design a completely new belt concept. A belt with no holes, no belt flap and completely low profile. He showed it to his friend David who instantly fell in love with the belt and started telling everyone about it. Before long dozens of people were requesting them.

2014: The Kickstarter

Over time the belts got better and people continued to ask for more. BJ, David and his little brother Winslow decided they wanted to start a business and Kickstarter was a perfect opportunity to test the market for something like a new minimalist belt. In the summer of 2014, the Kickstarter campaign was launched and to their great surprise, the belt raised over $100K and they had a lot of work to do.

Our Philosophy

We started Grip6 not just to create great new products, but also to control the way it's made. We have grown tired of the low quality products cluttering our lives from over seas. Our goal is to produce products that last for decades, not days. We don't come from a business background and we don't do things the traditional way.

Our Process

We've been called control freaks and maybe it's an accurate description. We do almost everything ourselves because we can usually do a better job and do it more efficiently than when we hand it off to someone else. We design and build the machines that manufacture our products. This kind of control helps us continually improve our products and our efficiency.