Late in the 19th Century, a group of tradesman reacted to the gaudy Victorian styles and poor craftsmanship that was amplified by the American Industrial Revolution.  Companies were focused on building products that would sell, instead of products that would last. In that moment, the American Arts & Crafts movement was born.  A philosophy of building elegantly simple, durable goods, spread through the trades like a clarion call.  Carpenters, copper smiths, stone and  tile masons, weavers, printers, all answered, and together they created some of the finest homes and furniture our country has ever known.  Their trademark dedication and strict observance to quality and simplicity re-set the course our country was on, a trend that would last for nearly a half century.  Though examples of their work can be seen in every major city, there are very few items made in the same manner today. At GRIP6, we are doing our part to bring back the Craftsman philosophy.  We build every belt we make, right here in our own backyard.  We make each belt out of top quality materials that are built to stand the test of time.  Our Lifetime Guarantee reflects that commitment.  We want you to look close, examine our craftsmanship, we aren't just working to sell something, we're working to earn your trust, one belt at a time. 

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