What Features Make the Best Women's Belt?

What Features Make the Best Women's Belt?

With a variety of women’s belts on the market today, how do you choose the best one for you? Do you choose a minimalist belt that you barely feel, an outdoor belt for hiking and adventuring, or a stylish dressier belt for fancy occasions? 

But what if you could have all three? 

Here are our top features to look for in a women’s belt. 


We’re an American-made consumer goods company, so we consider function and premium engineering to be of utmost importance. Our belts use a unique friction technology to hold up your pants with no holes, no metal fork buckle, and no flaps. 

And, since there are no holes, you don’t have to worry about buying a new belt if your size changes. The same strap will continue to work, even if you lose weight! 


Having a comfortable belt is key, after all! We love a good minimalist belt that works well but makes you forget you’re wearing it. Our belts consistently rank highly for comfort. Because the straps are so lightweight, you won't feel the belt digging in or irritating you. 

And with a variety of widths, you can get the strap that works best for you. If you need a sturdier belt, our 1.5 inch straps are perfect for you. But, if you want something more lightweight, our 1.1 inch straps are where you want to go. 


Women's Classic Aurora Belt by GRIP6. This is a perfect women's hiking belt.


Here at GRIP6, we make stylish women’s belts, too! We craft our belts to appeal to a variety of styles and tastes. 

If you like something simple and no-nonsense, the Classic Ninja and Granite buckles are great options. If you’re looking for something a little fancier, try our Craftsman series. And for an outdoors-inspired option, check out our Naturalist and Conservation series! 


All of the straps and buckles for our Women’s 1.1 inch belts are interchangeable. If you like a sturdier belt, the 1.5 inch belts can go on any 1.5 inch strap. This makes it easy to have a combination of colors and styles ready to go. You can wear a dressy belt, like our Craftsman Olive and Walnut belts, or a more casual belt, like the Soul and Flag series. 


There are many styles of women's belts on GRIP6.com. Craftsman belt by GRIP6.


We strive to make products that last decades, not weeks. So a GRIP6 women’s belt is the only belt you’ll ever need. 

We’re tired of hearing people say that “they don’t make things like they used to.” So we take care to ensure our products last exponentially longer than any other belt on the market. And if the belts don’t work for you or break for some reason, you can exchange the belt for a different item of equal value. Read more about our A3 Guarantee here.


Women’s belts that are made in America not only support American workers and the American economy, but are made with durable, lasting materials. All of our products are made entirely in our Salt Lake City, Utah facility

We’re proud to make everything locally. And we believe it makes our belts better, too. 

Conservation and Strong Values

This is a bonus feature we recommend looking for when searching for the best women’s belt. Having a product that supports the environment in some way is a great bonus to have.

Our Conservation Series belts do exactly that. 10% of gross sales from our Conservation Series go to our conservation partners: Hollow Tree Honey, the Wild Salmon Center, and the Savory Institute. Read more about each of our partners at their websites.

We love wearing our belts on adventures outside, but we want to ensure the environment stays healthy and clean. We’re working to do our part by introducing this initiative. 


Hiking belts for women, by GRIP6. This versatile, lightweight belt is perfect for taking outside.


Where can I buy a women’s ultralight belt? 

Right here at GRIP6! We sell ultralight belts in 1.1 and 1.5 inches.


How many belts should a woman have?

We believe that you only need one belt. Our straps and buckles are interchangeable, so if you want to have a variety of options, just get a few more buckles. Reduce your consumer waste and spending by getting a GRIP6 belt, the only one you need!

How do you pick a women’s belt?

When picking a women’s belt, ideally you’ll find a website that specializes in belts. GRIP6 started with belts, so we’re proud to make a variety of straps and buckles to fit every need. 

Where do I buy a women’s hiking belt?

You can find women’s hiking belts here at GRIP6. We make ultralight options that are perfect for hiking. We also have sturdier versions if you want something more substantial. 

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