Perfect EDC Graduation Gift Ideas

Perfect EDC Graduation Gift Ideas

As graduation day approaches, you may be keeping an eye out for the perfect graduation present for a friend and family member. Of course, you want to buy something useful that will be appreciated for years to come as well as remind the recipient of you when they use it. If you have a soon-to-be-graduate who appreciates being prepared at a moment’s notice and enjoys useful and tactical tools of the everyday carry variety, here’s a list of EDC gear suggestions that might also make the very best graduation gifts as well:

A Completely Customizable Carbon Fiber Belt

The most comfortable belt you’ll ever find also happens to be stylish and completely customizable. For a gift that is practical and cool, these Grip6 Carbon Fiber Belts come in a variety of colors in both buckles and straps. These minimalist belts are free from any holes or annoying flaps, they are interchangeable so one belt strap can be worn many different ways, and they hold tight all day long. As a graduation gift, the Grip6 belt buckles can include college logos so students can show their school pride wherever they go.

A Solid Knife

No EDC collection would be complete without a good knife and pocket knives make great graduation gifts. A sturdy knife can be used in countless situations on a day-to-day basis and is useful for any number of odd jobs, chores or hobbies. Look for a knife that is adaptable to many situations from cutting wood in the outdoors to opening packages to self-defense if needs be. If you have a graduate friend who appreciates camping and hiking in particular, pocket knives are great graduation gifts for him or her as well as being an essential addition to any cool EDC gear.

The Grid-It Organizer

For the graduate who is gearing up to head into the workplace, the Grid-It organizer is sleek and effortless and is able to carry everything including a laptop, various chargers and cords, glasses, pens, notebooks, small electronics and anything else that might be placed in a briefcase but minus the clutter.

An EDC-Friendly Water Bottle

Water bottles are not what they used to be. The new generation of water bottles are extremely well-insulated with easy to grip, ergonomic designs that hold plenty of water without being weighty. With so many of these water bottles available on the market today, promising to keep hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold for hours on end, they make a great gift idea for your graduate.

These are a few of our favorite EDC items that are also a good choice for any graduation gift. What do you think, are there any favorites you have that we missed?

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