Inside look: The Green River Classic with the In The Hills Gang.

Inside look: The Green River Classic with the In The Hills Gang.

The Green River Classic is hard to put a bead on. It’s hosted by a loosely organized group that calls itself the “In the Hills Gang”. The Classic provides an opportunity for existing and up-and-coming freeride mountain bikers to reunite, meet new riders, and test their abilities in the Badlands above Green River, Utah. In its third year, the Classic is hands down the most iconic new event in freeride. While it might be fresh, it certainly isn’t your fathers' buttoned-up mountain bike event. There’s enough fire jumping, gun shooting, booze drinking, fireworks, and sailor talk to scare even the toughest cowboy out of town. There are no awards, no entrance fees, and no sponsors. The In the Hills Gang embodies the next generation of young, wild-and-free mountain bikers who are turning life, and their craft, up to eleven.

Our goal in attending the Green River Classic was to test a hypothesis, that freeride mountain bikers would like our belts and socks as much as we do for the comfortable fit and dependable support while riding. We loved getting to know people at our booth and hearing how excited they were that we were there to support the In the Hills Gang and the freeride bike community. We gave out over 100 pairs of our wool socks for free and sized up everyone who stopped by for a belt of their choice. And what did we want in return? Feedback.

We wanted another chance to thoroughly test our products out in the field, and mountain biking made sense. While we knew that our products were built to last, we wanted core feedback, direct from the riders themselves. 

The answers?  Our belts are slim-fitting, ultra-lightweight and most importantly do not pinch - all of which are key points to mountain bikers. Likewise, GRIP6’s wool socks are perfect for riding, whether it is a long day in the saddle or a big hike up a steep freeride line. Our wool socks were in lockstep with the riders, providing all-day comfort, antimicrobial support, and lifetime toughness.


A big thank you to the In the Hills Gang for letting us come out and be a part of the Green River Classic. While the Classic is still an underground event, we are excited to see it grow, and if they’ll have us, we hope to officially support the Green River Classic in the future. 



At GRIP6, we think grassroots movements are important. Just as we set out with the simple idea to build a better belt, the Green River Classic is built on a simple idea of uniting the freeride community and providing an opportunity for riders to test their skills and have fun. While it might still be in its infancy the Classic has great potential to grow the sport of freeride mountain biking and expand opportunities for the riders that make it their passion. 

As we broaden our horizons, we are excited to meet more like-minded people who appreciate simple things as much as we do. Thanks to the In the Hills Gang for putting on such a great event. 


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