On August 2nd 2020, we had the privilege of giving Doug Jessop, the host of success stories on ABC 4 News, a tour of our facility. He came with questions regarding how we have built our brand and became one of the most successful American made belt companies.

You can see the article from ABC 4 News  here.

Doug Jessop has spent his career finding successful Utah entrepreneurs and sharing their stories. When he asked to share our story we knew there was no one better to do it than our founder, BJ Minson.

BJ started GRIP6 in his garage and through hard work was able to build it to employ over 50 people while staying entirely based in the United States. His expertise in robotics has paved the way for us to continue to best automate our production to give the highest quality at the most competitive price. Along with BJ, our other founders David and Winslow Burton have both worked tirelessly to develop lifetime guarantees and build our brand to be recognized as the highest quality in our industry.

GRIP6 is proud to be a USA made product and a Utah company. We are glad that others in the community appreciate well designed and manufactured products like ours. In-house manufacturing leads to development of new manufacturing processes. New manufacturing processes often lead to more efficient, and high-quality products. 

We are thankful that Doug took the time to meet with us and we are happy to see that he loves his custom belt buckle.

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