Grip6 Adjustable No-Holes Belt Featured on The Grommet!

Grip6 Adjustable No-Holes Belt Featured on The Grommet!
As a fresh, young company, we are always excited to get our name out in the public eye.

Our Grip6 adjustable no-holes belt is being featured on The Grommet. The Grommet is a unique platform dedicated to buying and selling products made with a purpose, created by people with a story.

This online marketplace has made it their mission to discover innovative products that connect with their customers’ personal values. We are honored that they have chosen to feature our product and our story making it the best Grommet Belt on the market.

Check out the video! 

What They Say


“Here’s one way to look sharp: laser-cut aerospace grade aluminum. That’s the material found in the buckles made by Grip6—a company specializing in rugged, low-profile belts.

With a smart, minimalist design that’s ultra trim and insanely strong, every belt is made from nylon webbing with a breaking strength of almost two tons. The no-holes design adjusts to your perfect length. The extra flap tucks neatly inside—out of sight—and the buckles are curved ever so slightly. The result is a streamlined, smooth fit.

Founder BJ Minson found a lot to dislike with traditional belts. The stretched out holes, the limited range when adjusting, the extra flap. When a friend gave him an army belt, BJ was inspired by the simple design. He started to create the belt he always wanted.

BJ put the G6 on Kickstarter, and lots of other people wanted his belt, too. All of the belts and buckles are interchangeable. And they are all are made, to last, in the USA.”

What We Say

Traditional belts are bulky, the holes get stretched out, and the length always seem to be too short or too long. The Grommet Belt section that features Grip6 is amazing.

We wanted to solve these problems, and we have! Using friction and tension force, our design holds the belt in place without standard buckles and bulk. The Grip6 belt is unique because it is very low profile and comfortable, with no moving parts. It holds tight all day long and never slips. To top it off, it does it all with NO holes and NO leftover belt flap.

Our idea and design is so good that we reached over 14 times our $7,500 goal for a total of $106,827 from almost 2,500 backers on Kickstarter!

Create It Your Way

The Grommet Belt that features the Grip6 belt itself is comprised of military-grade webbing rated at 3,000 pounds and comes in five colors.

The buckle is comprised of aerospace aluminum made in our own American shop, utilizing the highest standards. It is offered in ten solid colors, four American Flag designs, and a Canadian Flag option.

With interchangeable buckles and straps, you can create your own unique belt!

There are 45 combinations including the Ninja, Night Fury, Blue Steel, and Tiger’s Eye. We also offer a Business Pack of three neutral-colored belts and buckles or a Buffet Pack which includes all five belt colors and nine buckles. Interchange as you wish!

Come see why some call this Grommet Belt a Bloody Brilliant Belt!

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Ed Lollis

Ed Lollis

How can i order a belt?

Eileen Andrews

Eileen Andrews

I am mind blown! I bought these Monday afternoon by calling “Kate” at your customer service number. She was an absolute pleasure to deal with. First point! Ordered the classic box plus a light blue with a wave in men’s… a custom order since it was a woman’s buckle and men’s is wider. It was custom made and shipped in an hour!! Point 2! It is Wednesday morning… not even two days since we ordered and it was delivered!! Point3! The packaging is fantastic!! The quality looks amazing!! And it is holding my sons pants up( that’s who they were ordered for) and he has bun trying to see if they will fail. Top of the heap!!! 5 stars!! Every single aspect has exceeded our expectations!! I cannot say enough!!

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