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Our Favorite Minimalist Products!

Being a minimalist is a rising way of life. Mark Zuckerberg is a prime example. Just like Steve Jobs, he wears the same thing to work everyday—gray t-shirt, jeans and sometimes sandals. By removing those hard decisions each day it helps clear his head to make bigger decisions about his company. Becoming a minimalist affects your lifestyle. Your house has to have minimal items in it, and the items you have, can’t take up large amounts of room. By far the easiest thing to keep minimal is your wardrobe and the accessories to go with that wardrobe. Below are some of our favorite minimalist products. Let us know what your favorite products are!

Ball Vase

This ball shaped vase is made from matte porcelain. Designed in Sweden it comes in three different sizes. If you have plants, and are a minimalist, this is the vase for you. Ball_Vase_8cm_Black_1_1024x1024

Cell - The Tankless Toilet

This toilet will give your bathroom the modern design you've been looking for. It will take up minimal space and look futuristic at the same time. cell-toilet

Hoover Rechargeable Handy Cleaner

Not only does this vacuum work like a charm, but it will look great out in the livingroom charging. HOOVER-rechargeable-handy-cleaner-champagne-gold-0

Mondrian T Lamp

With a bright LED light bulb, this modern, minimalistic lamp will leave more workspace on the desk and a less lamp looking lamp. Mondrian_T_environment

Raspberry Pi Zero

This PC is smaller than a deck of cards. It has a HDMI and two USB ports. It also has 512MB of RAM along with a 1 Ghz Single-core CPU. This can be utilized anywhere. Pi_Zero_v1.2

Wever Ducre Bebow Light

This minimalist lighting fixture will give your loft and updated, modern look. Wever-Ducre-Bebow1HBbb

Artus Wall Clock

The Artus Wall Clock stays true to the modern environment. It's visually appealing and has precision engineering. Artus-11.75-Wall-Clock-AR30

Ignacio Accent Shelves

This minimalist bookshelf gives the illusion of floating shelves. Made from a combination of glass and wood, it's the perfect piece for your living room. Ignacio-63-Bookcase-BRSD3259

Grip6 Belt

Are you looking for a belt with no holes, no flap, and no bulk? The Grip6 belt offers all of those options. It's extremely flat and low profile. Night Fury

Virtual Laser Projected USB Keyboard

This laser keyboard projects a full size 78-key laser keyboard onto any flat surface. Connects via Bluetooth and is fully rechargeable. 61z81WVFILL

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