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Finding the perfect gift for the man in your life can be tough, especially if you're trying to find something he will actually use and enjoy. To help you out, the men of GRIP6 have compiled a list of things that have earned a way into our hearts and shelves. Whether they are daily drivers, or a guilty pleasure, each of these things have made the cut. 

1. Dazi Ties $28

Kenny's pick.

"I don't care who you are, all men need a good tie, even if they don't wear them often. I have a serious love-hate relationship with ties. Meaning my wife loves me in a tie, and I hate wearing them. If I do have to wear a tie, I always grab one of my Dazi ties. Dazi is known for their amazing floral designs, but they have a great selection of solid ties as well." 

All DAZI ties are handmade from high-quality imported fabrics and 100% cotton. Each tie is 2.5″ wide at the tip and approximately 58″ in length, which is perfect for every height.

Dazi Tie

2. Hatchet from Gransfor Bruk $160

Kevin's pick

"If Ron Swanson were to make his own hatchet, it would be a Gransfor Bruk. If the man in your life loves spending his time outdoors, this is something he will use for the rest of his life. These axes are handmade in Sweden and signed by the craftsmen who make them.  The steel keeps an edge better than any other ax on the planet and will easily outlive you if you take care of it." 

Gransfor Bruk has been making Axes for over a hundred years now. Their business is based on handcrafted axes and ax expertise, with a focus on quality and environmental responsibility.

Gransfor Burk


3. Dahlgren Socks $20

Boston's pick.

"My father pounded into my head as a child the importance of having a good pair of socks. It may have done some permanent damage in the form of me packing WAY too many socks whenever I travel. That being said, my dad was right. Slipping your feet into a pair of Dahlgren socks is a heavenly experience that keeps on giving, wash after wash."

Dahlgren has done a lot of research into their socks. They use Dri-Stride technology. By absorbing and removing moisture as it is created, feet are warmer in cold temps, cooler in warm temps, and drier and more comfortable everywhere. Dahlgren socks are made using patented Dri-Stride Moisture Management Technology in every beautiful sock they produce. They use Alpaca & Merino wool in their Absorption Zones and Therma-Dri synthetic fiber to transfer and ultimately remove moisture from your shoe. Many claim to remove moisture, but only Dahlgren has Dri-Stride. 

Dahlgren Socks

4. Jaybird Headphones $150

 Winslow's pick.

"I use my headphones every single day. Whether if I'm on the trail, at the office, or listening to a book in bed without trying to bug my wife. These headphones are incredibly comfortable and come with 8 hours of run time on a single charge. That means you can go to work and not have to talk to a single person by the time you have to leave."

Jaybird was started with being outdoors in mind. They came out with their first headphone in 2008 and have done nothing but continue to grow and innovate. Their headphones are sweat proof, which makes them ideal for tackling any sort of activity.

Jaybird Headphones

5. Opinel Pocket Knife $50

Johnny's pick

"Pocket knives are one of those things that everyone should have. I keep a pocket knife with me at all times, but this one stays in my day bag. Watch any survival show and you will quickly see how important a good knife is. If you want to make sure the man in your life stays safe, this is a safe bet. Opinel uses a simple design with a high carbon steel blade that holds and edge forever. I like the simple locking mechanism and the comfortable handle."

Opinel is the original pocket knife. This is the same design they've been using for the last 100 years and they haven't changed it because they haven't needed to. This Opinel knife is made in France.

6. Smith Sunglasses $100-$200

Joel's pick.

"There are two things in this world that will make me complain. Slow drivers in the fast lane, and not having my sunglasses. Okay, I actually complain about a lot more than that, but I hate not having my sunglasses. They go everywhere with me."

These Smith sunglasses have specially designed lenses called ChromaPop that make colors stand out while still toning down the sun that scorches your iris.

Smith sunglasses

7. Osprey Bag $130

Andrew's pick.

"I'm a big fan of products that are built to last a lifetime. If your Osprey pack ever fails, you can ask St. Peter what happened to it because you'll probably be dead. In addition to being insanely comfortable, they come with a lifetime guarantee (just like GRIP6 Belts). Whether I need a day to day pack or a serious backpacking pack, they have it."

Osprey is out to make the best bags that stand up to the demands of the worlds most serious adventurers. The owners, and head designers live in Vietnam where their bags are made. They are there to ensure the bags are made to high standards, and to also make sure the working conditions are fair.

8. Nalgene Water Bottle $15

BJ's pick.

"These are the original water bottles. They are more original than that's what she said jokes. These things are virtually indestructible. I take my water bottle everywhere with me. There have been a lot of companies lately that have tried to improve on Nalgene's time-honored design, but it wasn't broke, and didn't need fixing. They get bonus points for being made in the U.S.A."

Nalgene was born in the 1940's when the first plastic pipette jars were made. They became a staple of every hiker and camper in the 70's when the Carry In/Carry Out trend became popular. All Nalgene Water Bottles are made in the USA and come with a lifetime guarantee. 

Nalgene water bottle

9. Lionheart Grooming $20

       Neal's pick.

"If the man in your life has any facial hair at all, then he will benefit from their beard oil. A dry beard is an itchy beard, and no one likes an itchy beard. They have the added bonus of smelling amazing, which my girlfriend loves. Help the man in your life, while also helping yourself. They also make a great hair styling wax."

Lionheart Grooming makes everything in small batches, using all natural ingredients to ensure a high-quality product. 


10. GRIP6 Belt $35

This list wouldn't be complete without our own product here. It's amazing to me how something we use every single day, has never really been redesigned.

Until now.

Traditional belts can be bulky and uncomfortable, and we've always just put up with them. GRIP6 belts are made to be comfortable, effective, and last a lifetime. The GRIP6 buckle was designed as a single solid part, with a no-slip locking mechanism. Laser cut from 6061/T6 aluminum and formed with a slight bend, the buckle produces an extremely comfortable fit. The final anodizing process provides a hardened surface and an array of amazing colors. The rugged belt strap is made from high-tensile webbing and boasts a breaking strength of over 2500 pounds. The high-performance material comes in a tight, supple weave giving it a high-quality look and feel, making it perfect for business casual to outdoor adventure. We personally manufacture the belts in-house and even design our own manufacturing tools.

Grip6 adjustable nylon belts

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August 25, 2020

Since we are in graduation season I thought I’d share my best graduation gift. My dad spent a couple hundred bucks and got me a tool box with some basic tools and a nice Dewalt drill. I can’t count the nutof times I pulled out that toolbox, especially after getting married and moving into our first house. While lots of the tools have gotten lost/ broken. I still use the drill all the time and plan to get the same gift for my kids when they leave home.

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