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November 10, 2017

We decided to get into the season this year by promoting our product in a winter-themed claymation video. 
We have been making belts in the Salt Lake valley for three years now but we also make the majority of our promotional videos in-house. This particular video was the brainchild of Kevin Rogers.  Like a lot of smaller companies, Kevin wears a lot of hats, something he actually loves about his job.  
"My title has grown from the Director of Wholesale Sales to also include the duties Brand Manager and Art Director for GRIP6. It makes every day a little different and that makes coming to work a lot easier."
His video features a curious adolescent snowman who decides to use a GRIP6 belt buckle for a very unconventional purpose with the help of a buddy on a scale model snowmobile. 
 "I've always been involved in art, from a very young age.  Over the years I've learned every medium I could get my hands on and I've always wanted to try claymation."
The video is just over 1 minute long but contains over 600 photographs and 40 sound effects. 
"It took me a couple late nights but it was one of those things where I looked at my watch and all of the sudden it was 10:30pm. I was having so much fun that it didn't feel like work at all."
Though Kevin essentially made the video by himself, he is quick to give credit to those around him. 
"First off, the 3-second segment with the package being wrapped at the end was borrowed from another video made for us by Nephi Johnson so I can't take credit for that.  Other than that, I think it's the culture at GRIP6 that really fosters interaction and creativity. Working in that environment allows for these ideas to take hold and turn into something useful, something that we can all be proud of.  People were coming into my office where the set was built, giving me feedback, and helping me solve a few problems in production. It was great."
As part of our commitment to "keep it local", GRIP6 will be offering a Utah appreciation sale the next week.  For details, you can follow 
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